Announcing Second Marginly Trading Contest on zkSync testnet!

4 min readAug 24


Are you ready for our next big move on zkSync? It’s time to bring trading action to Marginly on this hyper-scalable network. As you know, our Arbitrum contest just wrapped up and it was a great success with over 14.5K participants and $40K rewards allocated. Let’s find out if the zkSync ecosystem will beat this activity and we can see even more buzz around our exceptional margin trading app.

No more time to waste — let’s jump straight into the next competition right away!

General Information

Network: zkSync era Goerli testnet

Registration starts: August 24th 1 pm UTC

Contest dates: August 31st 3 pm UTC — September 14th 3 pm UTC

Available trading pools: ETH/USDC, WBTC/USDC, a surprise pool — TBA!

How to register

  1. Go to the Marginly website
  2. Click the “Join” button on the Trading contest section of the main screen
  3. Connect your wallet to the zkSync era testnet
  4. Provide your email (mandatory), Twitter (optional), and Discord (optional)
  5. Sign the registration message with your wallet to complete your registration

Voila! You are now a registered contest participant and have a chance to compete for extraordinary prizes. Upon registration, a referral link will be generated. Make sure to save it. We will explain the referral program below.

People who have participated in the previous contest only need to log in on the Marginly website and confirm their participation by signing a message with their wallet. Make sure to use the same address you used for the first testnet trading contest.

How the contest works

Before the contest starts, every registered participant will get the same amount of tokens: 10,000.00 USDC and some gas tokens to pay for transaction fees.

The main contest objective is to maximize the final dollar value of the portfolio of tokens you possess. To get WBTC, ETH, or tokens of our secret pool (it’s a surprise — you will know when you register), please use the Marginly swap functionality. To go long with leverage use the corresponding token as margin (e.g. long x10 WBTC with WBTC margin). To short any token use USDC as margin.

Real time rankings will be available on the Marginly leaderboard page throughout the contest duration.

Users are free to register anytime during the contest. In this case, users will need to use a faucet on our Discord to get funds to participate.

Be in top 150 traders and get rewards

Explore the Marginly app and trade your way to the top. There are plenty of trading strategies available with the tools at traders’ disposal.

Take long or short positions with up to 20x leverage, or simply swap all of your assets into one that you think will perform best and HODL. All trading strategies are viable as long as they increase the value of your portfolio.

The 150 traders who prove most successful over the course of 2 action-packed and exciting weeks of trading will find themselves eligible for rewards.

Here’s the full reward breakdown of a whopping $40,000 in total prizes:

Winners will receive non-transferable NFTs. NFT holders will be airdropped the amount of native Marginly tokens equal to the value of the leaderboard prize after Marginly’s TGE (Token Generation Event).

Who is eligible

All Marginly Paper Plane NFT OR Marginly Paper Plane OAT holders are eligible for participation. You can get any of the two on the Marginly space on Galxe. If you already have an NFT from the contest in Arbitrum, you’re good to go!

The NFT contract is deployed on Arbitrum so users will need some tokens for gas to mint it. On the other hand, the OAT mint is fully subsidized by Marginly and is free for all users.

Refer friends and earn

The idea is simple: register for the contest, copy your personalized referral link, invite fellow traders to partake, and get rewards!

Referrers with most people invited stand to win the following prizes:

Great news is that your friends also get rewards: they enjoy a 10% bonus to all winnings in the upcoming zkSync trading contest.

We’re not done yet — 30 Marginly Rocket NFTs will be given away to those referrers who invite the most people. These limited non-transferable NFTs entitle holders to Marginly native token airdrop.

There are two crucial rules to keep in mind:

  • Only EVM addresses that did not participate in the Arbitrum contest are eligible to be referred
  • Every referred address needs to trade at least once during the contest and have either a Marginly Paper Plane NFT or OAT. These can be obtained via the Marginly Galxe campaign.

Join us for another epic adventure and discover the magic of decentralized leveraged trading with Marginly!

Important note: Marginly Beta Contest is a simulated trading environment, no real funds are involved. All trading activities are conducted using virtual assets.




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