Marginly Launches on Blast Mainnet

3 min readMar 26, 2024

Today is the big day: Marginly goes live on the Blast mainnet! This launch accompanies the reveal of our global Point System, which will generously reward our community for joining us on our mainnet journey.

For you as a Blast user, this strategic move creates a wealth of new farming opportunities that drastically distinguish Marginly from many other protocols on Blast. Let’s explore why.

You receive 100% of any native Blast points

Blast is known for rewarding users who bring liquidity and generate activity across DApps and protocols within the ecosystem. As the protocols decide how to distribute these rewards to users, some take a cut for their treasuries to make some gains potentially.

We have decided to transfer ALL points that we receive on Blast to our community. This distribution accounts for regular Blast points that users can expect on liquidity deposited into Marginly, in addition to all Blast Gold points, which would be assigned directly to Marginly or any DEX where the Marginly protocol routes trades.

The design of Marginly is especially attractive to those who hunt for Blast Gold. The primary purpose of Blast Gold is incentivization of DApp growth and it will be distributed to DApps based the value they bring to the eco. Good news is that Marginly operates on top of the most prominent Blast DEXs so based on our distribution strategy, all our users will receive 100% Gold from them. Imagine that all these allocations stack to Gold that Marginly can potentially receive directly from the ecosystem, isn’t it amazing?

You farm exclusive Marginly points

Marginly introduces a brand new global Point System aimed at incentivizing key interactions with Marginly:

No matter how you interact with the Marginly protocol, we are committed to generously rewarding our early adopters!

Marginly’s Liquidity farming goes wild on Blast

Currently, Marginly allows you to farm three yield-bearing assets — thus allowing users to capture native Blast yields, in addition to earning Blast and Marginly points:

  • ETH 4% APR
  • USDB 15% APR
  • MUSD 25% APR

So, what makes Marginly’s offer different and superior to what others are offering?

There are two key differences:

  • Users earn Marginly points that will directly correspond to our upcoming TGE.
  • Not only are we distributing 100% of Blast Gold points to our users, but we also rewarding users with all of the Blast Gold that our partner DEXs receive.

How Marginly integrates DEXs

Marginly is a permissionless leveraged trading protocol. This means that trades are routed to and settled on third-party DEXs, thus generating fees and trading volume for our partner DEXs. DEXs can also integrate Marginly’s widget, to offer their users leveraged trading within their existing swap interference. This means that users who utilize Marginly, or the Marginly widget, get double-exposure to Blast Gold points through, both, Marginally and our partner DEXs!

With the promise of native yield, Marginly Points, Blast Points, Blast Gold users are in for an exciting journey ahead as they explore the opportunities presented by Marginly on the Blast mainnet. Stay tuned for the latest updates and announcements that will further enhance the user experience and reward potential within the Marginly ecosystem.




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