Marginly’s Achievement System Explained: Earn Tickets & Win Prizes!

3 min readDec 11, 2023

Marginly has developed an achievement system that aims to reward engagement with the protocol to be introduced by December 18th. This system rewards users for key actions such as providing liquidity, trading, referring friends, and sharing trade results. Users earn tickets for each achievement, which are then used to determine winners in weekly raffles. The prizes consist of a $1,000 jackpot and 30 $50 native token NFTs. These NFTs then qualify holders to receive a Marginly native token airdrop scheduled to happen after the TGE in Q2 2024. Let’s take a closer look at how this achievement system functions and encourages user participation.

1. Providing Liquidity:

Marginly’s product d relies on bootstrapping liquidity pools within the protocol in order to supply leverage for trading. We estimate $200k per pool as reasonable liquidity depth to showcase Marginly’s core product. Users who contribute liquidity to the Marginly protocol are rewarded with tickets based on the amount of liquidity they provide in addition to a juicy 33% APY. For every $100 provided as liquidity, users are awarded 1 ticket.

2. Trading Activity:

Active trading is a cornerstone of Marginly’s ecosystem, and the achievement system acknowledges and incentivizes users to engage in trading activities. For every $100 traded on the platform, users earn 1 ticket. This encourages trading participation, driving volume within the platform while simultaneously rewarding users for their trading activity.

3. Referral Program:

Marginly’s referral program is an integral part of its growth strategy, and the achievement system amplifies its impact. By referring a friend who subsequently executes a trade of at least $100, users earn a substantial reward of 10 tickets per referred friend. This multiplies the impact of the referral program, and allows users to leverage their social capital as well as financial.

4. Trade Result Sharing:

The transparency and community-driven nature of Marginly are further reinforced through the social trading component of the achievement system. Users earn 2 tickets for each trade result post, with a cap of 3 posts per week. Only 1 post per trade qualifies. By sharing their trade results, strategies and interactions users contribute to the collective knowledge and experience within the community, while also earning tickets for their valuable contributions.

The achievement system’s introduction marks Marginly’s commitment to user engagement and retention efforts ahead of the long anticipated mainnet launch. By aligning incentives with platform activities, Marginly fosters a dynamic and participatory ecosystem, wherein users are not only active participants but also beneficiaries of the platform’s growth and success.

Furthermore, the ticket-based reward system introduces a gamified layer to user engagement, elevating the user experience and fostering a spirit of healthy competition and participation. It is designed to complement trading contests and other activities on the platform providing a wide range of benefits and incentives. Marginly continues to work on integrating with strategic partners to offer even more exciting opportunities to users. Achievement system is but a lego brick in the foundation of Marginly ecosystem.

Marginly’s achievement system stands as a testament to the platform’s commitment to fostering an engaged and dynamic user community. By rewarding and incentivizing key platform activities, Marginly empowers its users to actively contribute to the platform’s growth while reaping tangible rewards for their participation.

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